3 Resolutions to Enhance Your Employability in 2013

3 Resolutions to Enhance Your Employability in 2013

The start of a New Year brings with it the chance for change, for starting afresh. It is an opportune time to mark out what you want to achieve in your career and set some goals.

If your resolution in 2013 is to get a new job you may be wondering where to start. Well to help you, KennedyPearce have outlined some employability improving resolutions for 2013. The great thing about these resolutions is you can develop them  consistently throughout the year, so you’re in better position to land that dream job!

3 Resolutions to Enhance Your Employability in 2013


Networking is a great way to meet like minded people in the same career industry as you. Being connected may help put you in good stead at a job interview. A simple way to get started is to get in contact with old work colleagues. It’s always good to touch base, both to find out what is new in their lives and careers and just in case you need references or help in the future.

When you go to a job interview you may even find you know someone who works at the company through your networking. This is great and when given the right opportunity it is worth mentioning this at your job interview.Taking the time to build and maintain your network is well worth the effort (which may be minimal). Those connections you make today can help you move along the career ladder, tomorrow.

Expand your knowledge

It is never too late to learn. An extra set of skills or an extra qualification may just give you the edge over a fellow competitor.  Whether you undertake a course to improve your I.T skills or you start doing some voluntary work to improve the calibre of your work experience, make improving your employability a priority this year.

In a previous KennedyPearce blog post we discussed ways in which you can improve your ICT skills from online courses to free touch typing exercises to increase your type speed. There’s a wealth of information on the internet available at your fingertips. Why not set a couple of hours aside each week to learn a new skill?

Develop your online presence

When applying for a job, it’s likely that your online presence will be viewed. Make sure your social channels give the best possible representation of you. We recommend using your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles to focus on developing your online presence in your career field, whilst using your Facebook as a more personal, private page.

A simple way to develop your presence is to be social! Keep your page updated, start conversations, become integrated in news stories and groups relating to your industry, why not submit blog posts?

Previously KennedyPearce tweeted The Entrepreneur’s article on ‘7 tips for building a Power Network on LinkedIn’ which gives great advice on how to optimise your LinkedIn presence and also helps you with the first resolution in this list!


In addition you could also follow KennedyPearce onTwitter, we tweet the latest job advice, industry news and opinion pieces –  a great way to say connected.

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