3 Points to Consider When Determining Your Salary

3 Points to Consider When Determining Your Salary

Even if you manage to get a job, or even if you’ve been in a job for a while, there’s still that question of salary. For many salary can be a taboo subject. Most people in the work place don’t mention what they are getting paid which makes it harder to realise what salary you should be entitled too and then there’s the issue of how to bring it up?


On the one side, we’ve been taught not to be money grabbers or greedy.But not asking could have some serious consequences in how we’re perceived by others. Not speaking up for yourself may make you seem expendable. Furthermore, no one wants to look like a pushover, or feel taken for granted.

It be a can nerve-wracking issue, and each case is different. Asking, and getting, what you deserve should be a straightforward process. Time to stop worrying and start asking. Here’s our tips:

1. Ask First: If you’re interviewing for a position, it is absolutely fine and expected to negotiate from the first offer. The hiring manager is prepared to negotiate from the starting figure, and will typically leave themselves some wiggle room. So if you don’t ask, you will likely leave money on the table. If you don’t usually do this, you’re not alone!

2. Focus on the Future and your potential: From a company’s perspective, the only reason to be paid more is because you will deliver more in the future. When your asking for a pay raise; don’t make it about how hard you’ve worked before or what people in similar positions get. Instead focus on what you can do and what your plan to do in your position and how you can help your company.

3. Negotiate and Consider: When discussing your salary be prepared to negotiate on a figure. If your employer states that they can’t offer you a salary increase consider offer options, such as: work from home days (these could save you money on your commute), training sessions or courses or extra holiday time. A title increase may also be an option, and to the company, it’s free.

Final Note: Be prepared before you have a talk about you salary. Have a figure in mind, do your research and work out what you think you should be entitled to. Also be prepared to talk about why you deserve a higher salary.

Good Luck!



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