Apps to make mornings more manageable

Apps to make mornings more manageable

A good night’s rest can set you up for a great day of working or job hunting. Plus a routined sleeping regime helps organise your day and give it structure. With so many great apps out there for Androids and iPhones, we thought it would be worth highlighting the apps that can help you get more from your mornings.


white noise1. White Noise

Cost: £1.23

Scientists have proven that listening to white noise can improve your night’s rest. This app features ambient sounds of the environment like ocean waves, rain storms, flowing streams, and more. What’s also great is you can still set your alarm and use other apps and just have the white noise playing in the background.

White Noise has had some pretty good reviews, having been Featured in Health Magazine, The Washington Post, New York Times and PC Magazine.

I'm sleeping app2. I’m Sleeping

Cost: Free

Tired of being woken up by notifications or unwanted phone calls? Or those annoying spam emails that come through in the middle of the night? Then this app is for you as it blocks those late night notifications. “But why not just put your phone on aeroplane mode?” I hear you ask, well the beauty of this app is that you can let a selected group of people bypass sleep mode and reach you. Or optionally you can choose to enable anyone who calls you repeatedly, to reach you, – pretty handy for emergency calls.

I'm sleeping app

Sworkit3. Sworkit

Cost: Free

If you’re not a morning person, you probably don’t have time for a full-on morning workout. But doing exercise can really wake you up and get your metabolism going! Plus you don’t have to worry about fitting exercise into your day later, and not getting round to it! (Sound familiar?)

Sworkit offers circuit training in chunks ranging from five to 60 minutes. Workouts focus on strength training, yoga or cardio, all in circuits (hence the app’s name). Once you select the style, you can select a body area to focus on (or go for the full-body workout). What’s also great is that the only equipment you need for this app is your body!

Sworkit App


Sleepbot App4. Sleepbot



Cost: Free

If you’re interested to know more about your sleeping habits then the Sleepbot app is for you. The clever app records your movements and sounds during the night, in order to wake you when you’re in your lightest sleep cycle.

Sleepbot is the only sleep application that includes: motion and sound graphs, sleep debt log, statistics, trend graphs  (averages, sleep/wake times, patterns), multiple custom alarms, resources to help you fall asleep and stay awake.

What apps to you use to make your mornings more manageable? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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