4 Easy Hacks To Save Money on the Tube

4 Easy Hacks To Save Money on the Tube


There’s over a million people using the Tube to get to work every day in London and a huge amount of people’s income is spent on this. Sadly the amount of money we spend on the Tube increases every year. That’s why it is important to be Tube smart, to help limit the amount of money you are spending.

KennedyPearce gives you 4 Easy Hacks to Save Money on the Tube:

1. Be Smart with Your Travelcards

It’s a sad fact that every year the TFL Tube prices go up by a couple of percentage points, generally a little above inflation. That increase happens predictably on the 2nd of January. So if you need an annual travel card, time it so you buy your travel card just before then to maximize the value!

2. Claim Your Refund

If your journey’s delayed for more than 15 minutes you can claim back the cost – even if you’re travelling on a monthly or yearly travel card. It takes a little bit of effort, and many people don’t bother but if you’re travelling every day for a year you could quite easily rack up a tidy sum of money. There’s two ways to claim back – using TFL’s ponderously long form, seriously do they make it this laborious to dissuade people? Or the much easier app Oyster Balance Refund which allows you to fill in all your personal information once, and streamlines the claim process.

Once TfL’s accepted your claim, you should get a voucher in the mail, which you can take to a ticket office and put on your Oyster card as credit. To make things easier for yourself always write down when your train is late so you can remember the exact dates. If unsure you can always check your oyster history online!

3. The Contactless Capping Trick

You’ve no doubt seen that now similar to using an Oyster card, you can just touch in and out with your contactless bank card at the ticket barriers and you get charged on that. Like the oyster card, the contactless card also caps when you have reached the daily limit. However, it’s on the weekly cap where you can benefit from using a contactless card on the Tube.

Capping works by TFL adding up the cost of all the journeys you make each day or week up to a set limit depending on where you are travelling. With a contacless card you can also benefit from a weekly cap. In contrast, you would need to buy a seven-day Oyster travelcard to get the same benefit. So if you don’t get the full use of your seven day Oyster travelcard you’ve essentially lost money, whereas with the contactless card you only pay if use it.

4. Add Your Railcards to Your Oyster

If you have a 16-25, Senior, HM Forces or Disabled Persons Railcard, you can get a 1/3 off all TFL off peak tube journeys by adding your railcard to your oyster card. Despite not working at peak hour you can save a pretty penny after 7pm weekdays and during weekends. First of all make sure your oyster card is registered to you, do this online or at a station. Then take your registered oyster card and railcard to ticketing staff at a London Underground Station or some National Rail Stations and get them to add it to your oyster card.

What TFL Tube tricks do you use to save yourself money on your commute? Let us know on @kennedypearce, and we can share your tips with other tube commuters!

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