4 handy apps to make your work more manageable

4 handy apps to make your work more manageable

At work it can be tough to manage your ‘to-do list’. With incoming emails and voice message and information so easily fed to us it can be easy to lose track of what’s what. But don’t panic because there are tools out there to help us stay on top of this foray of information. Here kennedypearce have outline 4 apps which we think will help make your job and your life easier.

1. Pocket

Website: http://getpocket.com

Do you find you’re often overwhelmed with content whilst on the internet? Is it your intention to go back and read that Finance article, news story or that review for the new windows 8. But then you carry on with work and lose track of where you saw that webpage. Well Pocket is a great app for storing webpages or videos to view later when you have more time.

Just download the extension button to your internet browser and every time you come across a webpage you want to save, click it and it’s stored for later. You can even add tags so you can find it in your pocket accessibly. You want to know the best thing? You can use it offline! Yes so whilst you’re on the tube or an airplane you can be getting on with reading all that useful information on your mobile, tablet or desktop.


2. YouMail

Website: http://www.youmail.com

A great tool if you use your phone a lot for work and find that you’re constantly getting left voicemail messages when you’re busy. To make life that little bit easier Youmail leaves a professional message to your caller and then sends their voicemail to your email or mobile (or both) in text reading form so you can read it at a time that is convenient for you, quickly and easily.

3. Yammer

Website: www.yammer.com

If you’re finding those internal emails laying lifeless, unread in your inbox because you’re too busy to take the time and read each one then, Yammer may be the way forward for your business. Yammer acts like your own personal twitter or Facebook , that only your members can see. It is designed for company collaboration, file sharing, knowledge exchange and team efficiency.

To get started with Yammer make sure you get everyone in your company to sign up and then use it as your main source of information. Allow for employees to post ‘business’ material but also ‘fun’ material too. That way it will be more entertaining and people are more likely to get involved in a good spot of banta. A great way to not only keep co workers updated on business news but also to find out a bit more about your employees as individuals.

4. Action Method

Website: http://www.actionmethod.com

This is an online app that helps you organise your to-do list, track and delegate your work. Great for individuals as well as teams. What we love most about Action Method is you can colour code your proprieties. Use orange for tasks that must be done on the scheduled day, blue for tasks that should be done that day but can push a day if necessary, and grey for tasks that you’d like to get done that day but will push if there are other deadlines.

The only negative about the Web application is that it can’t be used offline. So if you’re travelling somewhere without access to WiFi it may be a good idea to download a PDF of your to-dos and leave it on your desktop.


If you have any business or work related apps that make your work life more manageable leave us a comment and  let us know, we’d love to hear what else is out there!

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