4 Top Job Application Tips for Graduates:

4 Top Job Application Tips for Graduates:

If you’ve graduated this year and are ready to enter the workforce then you’ll need to be prepared. At KennedyPearce we help lots of graduates take their first step on their career ladder, assisting them in acquiring entry and starter level jobs. Acquiring these jobs however does take focus, determination and patience. There’s lots of blogs out there offering interview and C.V tips, and we’ve got our fair share of handy advice in our blog section too. But what exactly do graduates need to know, what’s beneficial for them specifically? Well here are our 4 Top Job Application tips for Graduates:

1. Don’t take it personally

According to a recent Inc. article the average number of C.Vs received for a single corporate job posting is 250. If you don’t receive an invitation to interview right away do not be discouraged, and don’t speculate. The fact of the matter is that the hiring process involves some uncertainty. You don’t know why the role is vacant, you can’t know if internal candidates are applying, you won’t know if someone with more experience has been put in as a referral from someone who works there!  There are many things you just don’t know. The best thing is not to spend too much time speculating about it, instead focus your efforts on to applying for other jobs and presenting the best professional version of yourself.

  1. Don’t Fall at the First hurdle

With so many applicants per job the first step of the hiring process is to weed out the weakest C.Vs, this is your first hurdle to overcome so make sure your C.V isn’t one of them! Keep your C.V focused and easy to read, it will most likely be skim read at first. Be sure to use key words and phrases that align with the job or company. For more tips on C.V writing check out our previous KennedyPearce blog post:

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3. Sell yourself not just your degree

You’ve worked hard to earn your degree and that is fantastic, but employees are looking for more than that. Think about what skills and experience your degree has given you. For example think about the computer, editing, writing, communication and team building skills you have got from your degree. As a recent graduate you’re likely to have limited experience or perhaps your degree title doesn’t exactly match the job your applying for, that’s why it’s a good idea to emphasise what you have learnt from your degree and how its made you a better candidate.

4. Do your research

With every job application do a bit of research into the company. Have a base C.V and cover letter that you can edit to each job application. Once you’ve done your homework and researched the company online by looking at their website and social media channels, you’ll have a better idea of the company’s voice and values. You can match yourself to the company and use some of their keywords in your application; in addition you’ll be even more prepared if you make it to the interview stage.


Remember these 4 simple tips to increase your chances of success in your job applications. If you’re looking for further help in to finding jobs and working out what role would suit you then speak to one of our expert KennedyPearce recruiters. Sometimes your degree can open more doors than you realise and take your career in a completely different direction. Get in touch now: Contact a Recruiter.


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