‘To Do List’ Apps to help you get more from your day

‘To Do List’ Apps to help you get more from your day

Getting the most from your week can be challenging, especially if you are juggling a lot. If you are finding it hard to manage your career and your own goals and ambitions then organisation is key. Thankfully in this day and age crumpled up pieces of paper, and post it notes stuck around your desk that are bound to fall off, don’t need to cut it anymore. Now we have a wealth of apps at our fingertips and in particular a pool of ‘to do list’ apps.

These apps offer features such as mobile updating, push notifications, and calendar integration to increase your productivity. But where to start, which ‘to do list’ app to pick? Well KennedyPearce have come up three different apps with different features for you to review and try for yourself.


1. Todoist – for Simplicity

If you are in need of one, simple and highly structured list to get all your to do’s listed and then ticked off then Todoist, as the name suggests is the app for you. At first glance the app looks pretty basic, but this simplicity is what really makes it stand out from the other to do list styled apps out there. A user navigates todolist by creating ‘projects’. Once a project is developed, it can be broken down into sub-projects and those can also be broken into sub-tasks. Each task can have a deadline, and all projects can be color-coded for even more organization.

Todoist also has a smart “overview” mode, which isolates pressing tasks across all projects and can show how a week will shake out. What’s more the app can be integrated onto mobile devices as well as plugins on Chrome, Firefox, Gmail, Outlook and Thunderbird.

2. Wunderlist – for Connectivity


When ‘to do lists’ and the power of the cloud combine you get Wunderlist. A free to-do list service available on Mac, Windows, Linux, and all smartphones.

It connects your desktop to all your other devices where the app is downloaded, such as tablets and phones with a click of the sync button. Users can develop their own lists through Wunderlist’s web application or a desktop app and then sync it across the board. So, all tasks updated through your phone will be sent to your tablet and your computer with no hassle. In addition users can also share lists through the cloud to others, allowing friends to access tasks with an easy and secure URL.


3. Toodledo – for Collaboration

Easy collaboration is what makes this app stand out from the rest. If you want a to do list app that you can share with co workers or the family then Toodledo is what you need.

Rather than just a simple list Toodledo creates a “workspace” to organize projects and tasks. Users are able to categorize tasks by importance level, edit already existing tasks, and create a customized “hot list” to keep track of pressing concerns.

However unlike Wunderlist which shares to do lists with collaborators, Toodledo lets you ‘invite’ others, resulting in one collaborative space where a group can list all to-dos, rather than delegating among different spaces.



Which app do you most like the sound of and which have you tried? Let us know via Twitter @KennedyPearce #Appreview



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