6 Easy Ways to Go Greener in the Office

6 Easy Ways to Go Greener in the Office

Being more environmentally friendly in your office is not only a simple way to be kinder to our planet and install good practices in your employees, it can also save your company money! That’s why there’s no excuse not to be greener in your office. KennedyPearce give you 6 easy ways to help get you started:

1. Favour eco-friendly supplies

Start with switching to eco friendly supplies, that are less harmful to the environment and use less toxic chemicals too. Make sure all cleaning products in your office are eco friendly such as washing up liquid, hand wash and computer cleaning products.

If you are supplying cleaning products for your cleaners, then make sure they are eco friendly too. Ideally, these would be locally sourced suppliers too, which could massively reduce your environmental impact and benefits the local economy.

2. Energy saving light bulbs!

Switch to energy saving light bulbs and use those bulbs effectively! Encourage staff not to leave lights on when they are not needed, especially in common places which aren’t always in use like the bathrooms and kitchen.

3. Offer green travel

Is there any way you could prevent your staff from driving to work to help reduce major C02 emissions and let’s not forget congestion too! Chat to your employees to discuss a greener way to get to work. Could people car share, use public transport, or even ride a bike to work? You could get involved in a Bike2Work scheme or offer other incentives such as contributing to a railway season ticket.

4. Switch it Off!

Are you making sure you turn off all the electrical equipment when you can? On your lunch break, try to turn off your computer, or at least turn off your monitor whilst you’re away from your desk. After work hours make sure all electrical equipment is turned off and not on standby.

Did you know? A photocopier left on overnight used enough energy to print 1,500 copies!

5.  Set Targets

Having an Environmental Action Plan helps to set goals and break down what you would like to achieve and by when. So decide on your targets, such as to recycle more, ensure legal compliance, reduce travel, or attain certification to an environmental management standard, then set out what needs to be done to achieve that target.

6. Get everyone involved!

Now you have these tips to inspire and get you started it’s time to get everyone in the office involved. To achieve this, be sure to let employees know about your aims and plans, be it via email or by putting up posters to get their attention. A meeting is also a good idea so employees can share their own ideas!

What ideas do you implement in your office to be greener? Let us know via Twitter

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