5 Must Have Apps for Commuters

5 Must Have Apps for Commuters

Travelling to and from work or to meetings can take up a lot of your day. In fact This Is Money estimate that the average UK commuter spends 200 hours a year commuting! So to make your commute a little more bearable, KennedyPearce have created a list of 5 Must Have Apps, which will hopefully make your journey a bit easier.

1. Songza

Price: Free

What better way to relax than to plug yourself in and listen to your favorite music. Songza makes this easy and pleasurable. Through its ‘music concierge’ system, Songza lets you choose from playlists based on a variety of factors. Listen to music based on your mood or the time of day and it’s all free of charge.

Note: Don’t be one of those annoying people who play their music too loud. It’s disruptive, plus surely bad for your ears!?


2. SmartPark

Price: Free

Referred to as the Parking Genius! This handy little app remembers where you parked and when your meter will expire. It even remembers your altitude so knows what level of a multi-story car park you have parked on.

When you’re ready to leave, the app will guide you to your car with a compass display. On the home screen of your mobile device will be a count down of how long you have left on your parking ticket. Pretty clever, eh?











3. Pocket

Price: Free

We’ve actually mentioned pocket before in our time management apps blog post. We still think it’s really handy, a great tool to save webpages and read them later, even when you’re offline – perfect for commuting!

4. First off the Tube

Price: 0.99p

First off the Tube helps you board the Tube and the DLR in order to be the closest to your exits and interchanges at the chosen station, enabling you to become one savvy tube rider!

It bases its results on a database compiled of each an every exit and interchange found on the Tube system. Although not a free app, we think it’s a reasonable 0.99p especially considering it works offline! Great for when you’re already underground.




5. MapMyRide

Price: Free

With the weather getting warmer (we hope), it may be time to consider ditching that train or bus and cycling. This is where MapMyRide comes in handy. Use it to navigate any cycle route. It cleverly lets you save your routes too, as well as time, distance, speed, pace and calories – great for stat lovers.

For fitness enthusiasts, the creators behind MapMyRide also offer MapMyRun and MapMyWalk. 


If you have any apps you can’t commute without leave us a comment!

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