5 Reasons Why It’s Better To Use a Recruiter

5 Reasons Why It’s Better To Use a Recruiter

Are you considering hiring a recruiter to help you fill your latest job position? Whether unexpected or long-anticipated, a vacant position in an organisation comes at a higher price than many employers think. The longer that position is left open the more it will cost. That’s just one of the reasons going with a recruiter can save you money. Not convinced just yet? Well read on, because we at KennedyPearce give you 5 why reasons it’s better to use a recruiter:

1. A Larger Pool of Talent
A recruiters finger is on the pulse of the industry! They have great networking skills and know your industry inside out. Our own recrutiers have great relationships with many great companies and candidates. In addition, with the use of the recruiter’s expertise and knowledge they have a better foothold of landing the ideal candidate for your job vacancy!

2. It Saves You Time
As the saying goes ‘Time is Money’. Think about how much time the actual employee search process takes! You have to consider writing a job description, advertising the job, reaching the right people, filtering CVs, phone calls, reference checks and interviewing to name a few. That’s why you can’t afford not to hire a recruiter when searching to fill an opening position in your company.

3. They Understand Company Culture
Filling a job vacancy isn’t as simple as finding someone with the right skills for the job. Candidates are more than just a C.V, they are people. At KennedyPearce we also pay close attention to finding a candidate with not only the right skills but also with the right personality, attitude and values to suit the respective company’s culture. This in turn boosts productivity and avoids the cost of a bad hire.

4. Better Skilled Workers
As we mentioned previously a recruiter has better access to top talent who have all the necessary skills. This means that once the ideal candidate is hired—less time, money, and energy are required to train them.

5. More time for you
Trusting hiring to an agency with years of experience will take a lot of work and stress off of your own plate. A recruiter has the capacity to dedicate a great amount of time to finding the best candidate as quickly as possible so you don’t have to risk your normal work duties suffering as a result of trying to manage the extra leg work of recruiting.

The 5 reasons above are just a few examples of how using a recruiter can save you both time and money. Need more? Get in contact with us and talk to one of expert recruiters about how we can help you find the right employees for your business. Contact Us.

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