5 signs it’s time to leave your current job

5 signs it’s time to leave your current job

With the new year fast approaching and thoughts turning to resolutions and possibly even fresh starts, now is the perfect time to take a look at one of the most important parts of your life; your job. Life is too short to be in a role that you don’t enjoy and without meaning to it’s easy to feel stuck in a career you don’t enjoy. Take a look at our 5 signs that it’s time to leave your current job and decide if a new job search is right for you.

1) Undervalued and overworked

Do you have skills that your manager or colleagues don’t see? Maybe you feel like you aren’t trusted to take on bigger, more challenging projects? Feeling like you aren’t being listened to or valued in your job is a huge reason for wanting to move on to somewhere where you are valued and pushed to achieve your best. On the other hand you may be being pushed too hard with little praise or acknowledgement and sometimes even whilst being underpaid. Make sure you take a good look at your role and ask yourself; am I valued by my company?

2) There’s no future

‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years?’ We’ve all heard that question in interviews but once we have the role do you take that question any further. Whether you’ve been in your role a short or a long time can you see a future? Are there opportunities for you to move higher in the company or have you hit the highest point and feel like promotion is not achievable? Maybe a different role with more rungs of the ladder to climb will make for a more exciting future.

3) You’re already looking else where

Have you spotted any dream jobs that you think would be perfect? Jobs that you would love to do but don’t have the confidence to go for? Having thoughts about new roles and even actively searching might seem like an obvious sign that you are unhappy but it’s surprisingly easy to miss. Ask yourself, if you like your current role so much, why look elsewhere?

4) A lack of passion
Do you struggle to make it out of bed and dread arriving at work every day? Some of us might think that that’s all part of the 9-5 but why shouldn’t you have a career that makes you want to get up and start a new day? Lack of passion for what you do, and the outcomes you achieve not only mean you might need a new job; they also mean that you aren’t motivated to reach your full potential and both you and your employer may be losing out.

5) Your work life balance is suffering.
Some of us can spend up to 40 hours (and sometimes even more) of our week at work. Add a long and stressful commute to that, and maybe even some working from home with important emails that can’t wait and before you know it your work has become your life. If you feel like your personal life and relationships are suffering and that you’re living to work instead of working to live, now might be the time to find a role that give a healthier work/life balance.

Do any of our signs ring true with you? Then maybe it’s time to take that leap and start thinking about a role that will make you happier, more content and maybe even lead to a better future. Kennedy Pearce’s recruitment experts will do their upmost to search for the perfect role for you. Take a look at our latest roles and keep an eye on our Twitter account for daily job updates.

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