4 Simple Relaxation Tips for the Workplace

4 Simple Relaxation Tips for the Workplace

Are you feeling stressed at work? A little bit of stress can be a good thing, it can push you to get work done but too much can be detrimental to not only your quality of work but also to your health and your personal life too. Dealing with stress in the right way and keeping a handle on it is a skill that you can always work and improve upon. In this blog post KennedyPearce give you 4 Simple Relaxation Tips to use every day in the workplace. Straight up, simple exercises that you can implement today, and every day that can help relax you and reduce your stress levels:

  1. Wear headphones and listen to Music

Now we don’t mean be the unsociable one in the office who can never hear when someone is talking to them because of their DJ style headphones!  What we are saying is use headphones and zone out the office when you need too. This could be for an hour in the morning when you are checking and replying to your emails. Or an hour before the end of the day when you really need to meet that deadline before COB. Pick music you know we will relax you, for many workers music without lyrics such as classical or piano covers of hits help them stay focused. Remember its ok to zone yourself out from the office when you need to. Headphones can be a great way of doing this, plus it lets others know not to bother you.

  1. Make Lunch Sacred

Make the most of your lunch break that means no more munching it at your desk! Try if you can to always take your full lunch time hour off and always, always leave the office. A change of scenery can really help clear you mind and help your mind and body relax away from your work environment. Make the effort to walk to a new area from your office or try the corner cafe of the one in your office. Dissociating yourself for the office and its stresses will help relax you and come back more focused.

3. Exercise—Even if You Really Don’t Want To

While you may be viewing your time as sacred and better spent doing the work that is stressing you out, you’re probably better off doing some strategic sweating. Exercise doesn’t just burn calories. Studies have shown that it burns off stress and anxiety, too. Even if you’re not naturally inclined to work out, see if you can get yourself into a set regimen inspired by a class or an after or pre work gym session. Studies show that even forced exercise can have a positive affect and reduce stress and anxiety levels.

  1. Change your diet

What you put into your body can just as much affect your mental wellbeing as your physical. Take a good look at the amount of caffeine and processed sugary foods you are consuming. Think about swapping some of those coffees for a herbal tea instead. And why not swap those biscuits for a piece of fruit or nuts?

These 4 tips are great starting points and hopefully you are doing some of these already! Remember also to keep your job in perspective. Keep calm by reminding yourself that your work is not the be all and all life threatening duty you can sometimes build it up to be.

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