6 tips to improve your time management

6 tips to improve your time management

Managing your time management is a skill. And like any skill, the more you work at it, the more you’ll improve. If you’re finding that the days are whizzing by yet the weeks are dragging; that you’re not able to get all you need done in the time you have at work, then time management is something you need to address.

Here KennedyPearce have outlined 6 daily tips you can implement to improve you time management:

1. Take 30 minutes

Before you get down to work take 30 minutes to make a list of all you need to get done that day. It may sound like you’re wasting those 30 minutes when instead you could be starting your work straight away, but rest assure these 30 minutes will give you structure and goals for the day.

Whatever you don’t get done that day make sure you move to the next day and if it becomes a priority move it to the top. Think logistically about your time and tasks and how much you feel you can get done if you work hard enough. If you have a Gmail account you can create your own handy Task list which appears on your email feed. Just type in your tasks and they stay there, even until the next day, until you cross them off and delete them.

 2. Be phone called prepared

Before you call that client or co-worker make sure you’re prepared. Take five minutes to decide what you want to get from the phone call and make a bullet point list. Keep the bullet point list in front of you, that way you’ll be reminded of what you called for and will be able to steer the conversation accordingly. If you don’t manage to get all you needed from your phone call make a list of what went wrong and how you can improve next time.

You can also follow the same method with regard to meetings with clients and co-workers.

3.Do not disturb

Let you co-workers know you can’t be disturbed when you absolutely have to get work done. If you use Skype , Google chat or any other connecting software put yourself on ‘busy’. Direct all your phone calls to answer message and you can even set up an email stating that you are away and will reply back when you return. When trying to reach an important deadline you want no distractions.

4. Take Breaks

Again it sounds as if you’re wasting more time not getting work done, but research proves that small regular breaks help work productivity. Take between 5-15 minutes to get away from the computer screen and give your eyes a rest. Go make a hot drink or get some fresh air. Don’t let yourself get carried away though because too long a break can put you in a lethargic mood.

5. Sign out and stay out

Sign out of distractions and websites that your procrastinate with, whether that be Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler etc. If you think that signing back in is all too likely, get a friend (you can trust) to change your password. Then, only when you’ve finished with your work, can they give it to you.

6. Prepare yourself for your working environment

Make sure you think ahead and bring all the materials you need to where you are working. For example if you’re going to be working at home, make sure you have all your work that you need from your workplace, including files on your work computer. Why not use a program such as Drop Box so you can easily transfer files from your home and work computer?

Also if you’re travelling or going somewhere without WIFI make sure you have work to be getting on with. A good idea is to download web pages or emails you need onto PDF files and save them on your desktop.


If you have any time management tips you recommend write a comment below, we’d love to hear what works for you. If you would like to read more work advice and tips follow KennedyPearce on Twitter




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