7 tips: Dressing for the Office in Summer

7 tips: Dressing for the Office in Summer

With a heat wave set to grace London and the rest of the UK next week we need to be prepared for stifling tube journeys and oven hot offices! But just because we are melting on our work commute doesn’t mean we need to dress for the beach! We need to uphold our office attire and maintain professionalism. KennedyPearce gives you 7 top tips on Dressing for the Office in Summer

1. Dress for your Profession.

Depending on your job, and your work environment this will affect what you can wear. If you have a uniform then sorry, you’ll be continuing to wear that. The rule of thumb is to take a look at your boss and your superiors to see what they are wearing. However if your job requires you to wear a suit at all times, then you’re best chance of staying cool is looking at fabrics. Check out point 6 below:

2. Skin Expoure

Shorts and skirts are a great way to keep cool in the office but anything too far above the knee is probably a no-go (except if you work in fashion or the media). A good rule of thumb to find an appropriate length is to place both of your arms straight down, fingers flat; the end of the garment should reach just below the tip of your finger. Any shorter and it’s probably too short!office shorts

3. Balance

If you’re opting for professional shorts or a skirt then it is best to balance that with a long sleeve top. Shirts look great with shorts or a light sweater to keep the balance. Keep well away from a vest or a stringy top. This also works in reverse: if you’re wearing long pants, it’s OK to show a little more skin up top — just a little, such as a smart, sleeveless shirt or a patterned sleeveless top.

4. Type of Dress

Dresses are a summer wardrobe must and great for keeping you cool! The only problem is looking a little ‘beach.’ Look for dresses with ruffles or a tunic style to add a nice femininity and certain class, remember anything too floaty or boho- inspired probably isn’t appropriate. Shirt dresses can also look professional tailored with appropriate footwear.

5. Shoes

Flip flops are a definite no no! A good summer alternative are smart boat deck shoes or loafers which can be considerably cooler than lace ups. Peep toe shoes are often questionable at the most conservative offices, but an airy pair of smart looking pumps are a good alternative.

office loafers

6. Consider material

Pick natural fabrics to beat the heat. Cottons, linens, and silk breath and don’t trap odors like synthetics do, so make sure you check the shirt labels. if you’re required to wear a suit jacket then purchase a summer one that is half lined or self lined, allowing more air to penetrate your jacket and keep you cool.

half lined jacket summer

7. Carry essentials.

Make sure you have the necessary products to keep you clean and smelling fresh during the summer months! It’s a good idea to carry a handkerchief to wipe your sweat and to also have a spare shirt or top in case you need to change.

Follow these top 7 tips and stay cool in your office this summer. What clothes do you rely on in the summer months? Let us know via Twitter @KennedyPearce.


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