7 Tips For Your First Day at Work

7 Tips For Your First Day at Work

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So you did it, you got the job! But unfortunately the hard work isn’t over yet. From admin jobs to finance jobs, a new role means a fresh start and the perfect opportunity to make a great first impression.  KennedyPearce gives you top tips on how to make a good impression on your first day at work and turn this new job into a career.

1)      Plan Ahead

Don’t be afraid to contact your new employers and ask those vital questions that will put you in the know for your important first day. Find out the dress code, lunch facilities, and travel cost arrangements to make sure you are well prepared; insuring a calm and relaxed day from word go.


2)      Do your route research

Do you know how to get to your new workplace? Are there any issues along the way that could hold you up or make you late? Do your research into how to get where you need to be and avoid any unexpected nasty surprises that might get in the way.


3)      If in doubt, ask!

There’s nothing worse than pretending you know everything and then making mistakes; not only will you take longer to complete work, but bosses will wonder what your real skills are. Never be afraid to ask if you are unsure, and even to ask again if necessary. This will ensure the job gets right first time and your reputation will be intact.


4)      Be Happy

A positive attitude goes a long long way. If you act confident and happy this will rub off on your colleagues and show that you are a great new addition to the team. Even if this isn’t your dream job, now is the time to think happy and relax.


5)      Take a step back

You might feel that the way things are done at your new workplace aren’t the most productive or efficient, but remember, there will be plenty of opportunities to put forward your opinions and thoughts on productivity. For now take a step back and respect the systems your new work place is already employing.


6)      Take Notes

Take notes; you’ll thank yourself later. Write down the names of people you meet and a short description of them so you remember who they are later! Don’t get caught in an embarrassing situation where you can’t remember you work colleagues’ names. Write down any important procedures you have to remember or any computer logins. These notes will help you in your first week until you get the hang of things!


7)      Move out of your comfort zone

Do your colleagues go out together at lunch? Maybe they have an upcoming meal or drinks planned? Even if it’s not your thing be sure to make the effort to get stuck in. Not only will this boost your relationship with your new colleagues but will also show you are a great team player.



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