7 Ways To Make A Bad Day Good

7 Ways To Make A Bad Day Good

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We’ve all had bad days, where nothing is going right and where the stress is piling up. Even little minor things can irritate us and put us in a negative frame of mind for the whole day! If this is you, then stop! Take the time to turn your bad day around. A little time out can really enhance your attitude and focus for the rest of the day. KennedyPearce gives you 7 Ways To Make A Bad Day Good:

  1. Tune in

Studies have actually shown that people who listen to music are happier. No really, listening to music can help lower blood pressure, reduce stress and improve your mood. Why not make a ‘Feel Better’ playlist, full of your favourite songs to improve your mood and give you a lift.

2. Move more

Doing exercise releases happy hormones. Getting out of the office to go for a brisk walk will also help clear your head. If you’re unable to leave the office, try stretching at your desk to improve you circulation and ease the tight muscles that come with stress. There’s lots of ideas for exercises online!

organisedarticle3. Clear your desk

Clear you desk and you may find it will help clear your mind! Sort out your clutter, file away your work and be more organised. Hopefully you’ll feel more focused and ready to get on with work.


4. Drop Something From Your Schedule

If you find you have too much to do and are feeling the pressure, then it’s time to drop something of less importance. Work out what that is, talk to your manager if you need an extension deadline and focus on the other tasks you have. You’ll feel instantly better once something has been dropped and you can spend more time and effort on the more important tasks.

5. Make A List

Take the time to jot down what is making you have a bad day, it can really help put things into perspective as you can see how minor some things really are. Next finish off by writing down all the things you are grateful for in life. As expected, you’ll soon find that the growing list of things to be grateful for in your life dwarfs whatever is ruining your day and you can move on with your life.

6. Go outside
parkBeing in a confined space can really put a downer of your mood. So instead go for a walk or sit in a park on your lunch break. Take the time out to appreciate the beautiful nature surrounding you. Trade your desk light for some sun light and get some fresh air!



7. Do something for someone else

Take the time to do something nice for someone else. It can even be as small a gesture as buying a colleague a work snack on your break, making a tea round, giving a compliment, texting or calling a loved one out of the blue, or finally donating to your friend’s sponsorship site. Doing something for someone else can give you a positive self-regard and feeling better about our own good nature, putting you in a better mood.

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