Accountants set to play pivotal role in UK’s economic future

Accountants set to play pivotal role in UK’s economic future

The recent news that the UK economy appears to have emerged from the depths of recession during the third quarter of this year has been greeted with cautious optimism by businesses all over the UK.

An overall growth figure of 1.0% was better than had been initially anticipated and it offers significant hope for the year ahead in terms of further prosperity. However, if the positive vibes surrounding the momentum of the UK economy are to continue, there is one particular industry which is likely to be central to that process… Accountancy.

Accountancy has been at the heart of British economic fortunes for a long time, and it’s hardly news to suggest that the decisions that modern-day accountants make in relation to existing businesses will affect the progress of the wider economy. However, it is increasingly clear that this assertion gains more significance than ever as we fight to release ourselves from the grip of recession.

A recent report produced by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills found that the modern-day role of accountants as the most fundamental source of advice for businesses everywhere rubberstamps their importance to the future of the economy.

Carla Stent, chief operating officer at Virgin Management, underlined this hypothesis in quite a simple way:

“We believe that if we add value for the consumer and ensure the consumer is getting a better or more affordable product or service than they get elsewhere we can generate growth,” Stent told the Financial Times.

“Making the right investment decisions means capital goes further, more people are employed and leads to better products and services,” she added.

This relatively simple formula illustrates the fact that accountancy firms of varying sizes across the UK are pivotal in the government’s stated aim of emerging from these unstable economic times.

Insightful investment that subsequently leads to employment opportunities and sustainable growth is hardly a complex formula. But it could just be the key to driving consistent growth within an economic picture that has appeared rather gloomy for the past 5 years.

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