Is applying for jobs via Snapchat the future?

Is applying for jobs via Snapchat the future?

The popular photo messaging app Snap Chat has now been used as a way to receive job applications by Irish pub Chain ‘Sober Lane’. This unusual method of reviewing potential candidates has received a ‘record number of applications’ according to the chain, with over 2,700 applicants going after the 20 jobs available. Could Snapchat be an innovative new way to seek future employers?

Snapchat was launched back in 2011, using the app users can take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a controlled list of recipients. Prospective pint pullers had just 10 seconds to impress the employer with a selfie or video which took the place of more traditional recruitment methods.

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Pub chain owner Ernest Cantillon praised this unconventional hiring approach stating that it meant the company got “the most creative and outgoing staff without having to trawl through stack-loads of CVs and try to get to know someone on paper”.

Cantillon quoted:

“Instead, the applicants had ten seconds to impress, which is the most they are likely to have on a busy night in the bar so it makes sense – plus fun and having a laugh is what Sober Lane is all about. I was overwhelmed by the response and so grateful that we had such a huge pool of superb applicants to choose from.”

So could snapchat be the way forward for the job application process? Well at KennedyPearce we aren’t quite ready to stop accepting the traditional CVs and supporting statements just yet…

Whilst we admire the innovation of the idea, and the way it inspires creativity from candidates there are still some concerns and this method definitely wouldn’t suit a lot of employers. Is it possible to fairly gauge someone’s suitability for a role based on a 10 second snapchat? We have our doubts.

However the method so far does seem to be working out for Sober Lane. Of the 2700 Snapchats received, the best included a candidate speed mixing cocktails and a chef speed preparing lunch.

What do you think of this break from traditional recruitment? We would love to hear your thoughts, tell us via twitter @kennedypearce



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