How to Approach Video Interviews

How to Approach Video Interviews

Video Interviews

As technological advances continue apace, increasing numbers of firms are making use of video interviews. You may for example be asked to undergo a video interview if the job you are seeking is based in a different part of the country, or if members of the interview panel work in different offices, or simply if the hiring company wishes to spare you the journey to their offices for a first-round interview.

If you are invited to a video interview, please consider the following:

  • Check in advance whether the company has a copy of your CV to hand. It is good practice to take a copy of your CV to a face-to-face interview, however you obviously can’t pass a copy through the screen if your interview is done remotely
  • Practise with the video and audio technology to be used in advance, and check it is functioning correctly before your interview commences
  • Don’t assume that you can dress down just because you are in your own home. It’s still a formal business meeting and the company may be assessing you based on your appearance, so wear formal business dress unless you have specifically been told that this is not required
  • Ensure that there is nothing in the background that might be seen as unprofessional – it won’t help your chances if the interviewer can see a risqué poster, or anything else, on the wall behind you as they conduct the interview
  • Let the people you live with that you have an important video appointment, and that you shouldn’t be disturbed

Remember also that you can be asked exactly the same questions in a video interview as you would in a face-to-face meeting. This means that your preparation should be equally meticulous. You still need to research the company thoroughly, check that you ensure you understand the role on offer, consider which of your skills and experience are relevant, and prepare answers to questions you might be asked.

Remember also that a video interview gives the hiring company a full opportunity to assess not only on the words you use in answering questions, but also your tone of voice and body language.

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