Are You Annoying Your Colleagues

Are You Annoying Your Colleagues

Ways you might be inadvertently annoying your colleagues – habits to try and stop

Unless you have been directly involved in their recruitment, you can’t control who your work colleagues are, and we all have different personalities and characters. Nevertheless, you need to make the best attempt you can to get along with your colleagues, and form effective working relationships.

These are all ways that you might be annoying your work colleagues, possibly without you being aware of the fact.

Being unduly positive. While company directors and owners’ primary motivation might be achieving corporate targets and boosting profit, employees primary motivation might be receiving their salary. Not everyone will feel totally at ease with the company’s ‘tone from the top’, so try and avoid coming across as too much of a ‘company man’ or woman.

Being unduly negative. Even if work is getting you down, something that happens to all of us at some stage, try not to come across as someone who is constantly complaining and moaning, or worse, someone who is always criticising your colleagues.

Being noisy. Many open-plan offices get very noisy indeed, so try to talk only as loudly as you need to. Many people raise their voices for no apparent reason, and this can be particularly true when speaking on the phone.

Dominating group discussions. Some of the worst traits you can display in this respect include dominating what are supposed to be group decision making sessions, and insisting that things have to be done in your preferred way. Try to maintain the group dynamic at all times.

Using management speak excessively. Using corporate buzzwords and phrases does annoy some people, while others might genuinely not have a clue what you are on about. Try to use plain English wherever possible.

Leaving the communal kitchen in a mess. Some people are naturally tidy and others are naturally untidy. If you fall into the latter category, remember you’re not at home and stop to clean up after yourself.

Humming/whistling/singing etc. Try to avoid this as much as possible, although we all get our own personal annoying ‘ohrwurm’ in our heads from time to time.

Shirking. If a particular project or task requires extra hours, make sure you do your share. In general, try not to be the person always taking a long lunch, or a long coffee or cigarette break.

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