What Are The Best Workplace Incentives?

What Are The Best Workplace Incentives?

Would you like free food at work? Or perhaps some compulsory beach days throughout the year? Would incentives like these encourage your work efforts?

Rewards and incentives are beneficial to both employees and employers. What employer wouldn’t want their staff to strive and encourage each other in a pleasant working environment? However, the tricky part with workplace incentives is knowing what incentives your employees want.

To inspire you, we’ve posted an infographic below by MindFlash which shows some of the most coveted workplace incentives that are currently offered by big name companies and brands such as Google, SC Johnson, Facebook, Netflix, Quiksilver, Genentech, Microsoft, Millercoors, Sas. These incentives range from unlimited sick days to more creative  incentives such as a  Pub Club, a party bus and free sushi! Which incentives do you like the look of?




Realistic Rewards

Whilst those incentives sound great, not all workplaces can afford to offer such luxury work perks like free food, on site doctors and gyms! The good news is, that these aren’t the most desirable incentives. In fact, as the infographic also shows, one of the most desired incentives that can really improve your employees’ work efforts can be easily provided by any business. That incentive is recognition for their work accomplishments.

Employee recognition rewards include verbal praise, award ceremonies and public announcements for a job well done. Workplace recognition rewards should occur frequently, such as at the end of the week or a quarter, or after a particularly busy time at work. It seems like such a simple incentive but it can really make a difference.

Knowing what your employees want:

In order to create incentives that will help drive your employees, you need to find out what they would like. Employees want to know that their ideas are important and they are appreciated. Have you ever thought of holding a mind mapping session with them and get to know the kinds of incentives they would like to see within the company? Take into consideration the responses you get and try to form a few incentives based around what your employees told you.

Infographic taken from http://visual.ly/mindflash-infographic-workplace-incentives-how-are-companies

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