Bridging the Distance with Remote Employees

Bridging the Distance with Remote Employees

To adjust to a new career, new employees must go through the on-boarding process. Without it, they will encounter difficulties in reaching out to their co-workers and handling tasks assigned to them. It is easy for people hired locally, as you can introduce them personally and their employers can answer their queries as well as provide introductions.

However, remote employees do not have those benefits. Physical distance is a great barrier that will make communication hard; remote workers will not be able to adjust to their environment properly. Nevertheless, there are effective processes you can employ to make it easier for remote workers.

Face-to-Face Meeting

As much as possible, let remote employees visit the head office, especially in the first week of training and orientation. If not, the least you can do is set up a video or phone conference to involve them in meetings. You do have to begin with a video setup, as matching a face to a voice offers that chance to examine their body language and make eye contact.

This will also form a stronger bond, and relationships built will be easier and more meaningful. They will feel more relaxed opening up to you and asking questions.

Set Your Expectations

Be clear about what expectations you want from them, so they can translate their efforts effectively. Explain their individual responsibilities, team objectives and organisational values. Ensure that they know what they need to accomplish, as this will provide them enough concentration and confidence to start on their initial assignments.

Teach them about the systems and tools they will be using, how they can take part in key figures, and how to use resources. Plan timetables for meetings, and consider the remote employee’s time zone. Document every meeting for future reference.

There will be challenges in hiring remote employees, but there are employees with premium skills who are based outside your local area. Create a working program for on-boarding remote employees to help them adjust with less stress.

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