Bringing the Christmas spirit into your workplace

Bringing the Christmas spirit into your workplace

Christmas is the season of parties and other social gatherings, but we can’t take every day off work from December 1st onwards! However, there are some simple ways you can bring the spirit of Christmas into your workplace.

Bring some festive food. Bring some Christmas cake, mince pies etc, to the office, either just for yourself or to share with colleagues.

Put up some simple decorations. Even if it’s just some tinsel around your computer screen, it may help you feel festive. Also remember you can leave the decorations up until January 6th.

Go for a few after work drinks sessions. Your company probably has a big, official Christmas party. However, there’s nothing to stop you holding a few more smaller, informal get togethers.

Listen to some Christmas music. If you’re allowed to listen to music at work, make it something Christmassy. Some companies who don’t allow music to be played the rest of the year might relax this rule in the run up to the festive season.

Hold a secret Santa. If you do this, make sure that you don’t ask people to spend too much on gifts. This perhaps works best in small companies, or within small teams in larger companies, where people might know each other better and have more idea of what to buy.

Hold a raffle. Ask people to donate things that you might want to win in the run up to Christmas, such as bottles of wine, chocolates and sweets, Christmas crackers, decorations etc.

Hold an end of year awards session. As the end of the year approaches, consider who within the company, department or team deserves special recognition for their efforts and achievements.

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