Calming your nerves before and during an interview

Calming your nerves before and during an interview

How to calm your nerves before and during an interview

Being interviewed for a job can be a nerve-racking experience. Your interviewer may anticipate that you might be a little nervous, and make allowances accordingly, but you don’t want to be such a bundle of nerves that you can’t promote yourself effectively during the interview.

Here are some simple ways you can manage your nerves before and during an interview:

Get a good night’s sleep beforehand. Don’t have a late night and/or a night on the town the previous evening, as you need to be totally fresh for your interview.

Leave in good time for your interview. Allow extra time for any transport delays, as given there will be a number of candidates, any who arrive late are unlikely to be considered further. Consider also leaving some time for a short walk before entering the company’s premises, as this can help you feel more relaxed.

Prepare as thoroughly for your interview as you can. Research the company and the role as much as possible. Think about some questions you might be asked, and rehearse your answers – this will reduce the chances of you being foxed by one of your interviewer’s questions.

Consider drinking just water before the interview. Unless you genuinely think that it will calm you down, its best to avoid caffeine, energy drinks and alcohol prior to the interview.

Make sure you have had enough to eat prior to the interview.

Think before asking for a glass of water to take into the interview. Decide if you will need some water to combat a dry throat when you are speaking at length, or if your nerves might instead leave you at risk of spilling your glass. Max Eggert, author of The Perfect Interview, claims that one in 20 candidates spill some of their drink, and one in 150 knock over the cup!

Take some deep breaths. Have a look on the internet for some simple relaxation techniques you can carry out.

Pause and think for a few seconds before answering any of the interviewer’s questions. You can also buy some time by paraphrasing the question before giving an answer.

Try and arrange your interview for early morning. If your interview takes place later in the day, you may find yourself worrying about the interview all day.

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