Career Tips Throughout Degree Course

Career Tips Throughout Degree Course

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Careers tips for various stages of your degree course

Whilst at university, your main focus has to be getting a good degree. You also need to make sure you get full benefit from the wide range of social and extra-curricular activities on offer!

However, you can’t afford to neglect the future completely. An undergraduate degree course typically lasts for just three or four years, much less than the seven years you might have spent at secondary school, and many students report that time literally flies by when they are at uni. Before you know it, you could be faced with the prospect of stepping out into the corporate world!

With so many young people gaining degrees these days, competition for many graduate programmes and roles is intense. When considering an application from a new graduate, employers are therefore likely to consider the quality of the candidate’s work experience, as well as their academic record.

So, here are some helpful tips for the various stages of your time at university.

In all years except your final year, before Easter time you should maybe start thinking about where you are going to work during the long summer holiday. Your university careers service will be sent details of different employers who are seeking student employment during the summer months. Alternatively, you can approach companies you think you might like to work for over the summer, and ask if they have any suitable roles.

Some students spend their summers working in shops and bars, but it may boost your future career chances much more if you are able to secure employment in a business sector in which you think you might want to make your career. Even if you are only doing the most menial of administrative tasks, real world exposure to the way that business sector works can be very valuable.

This means that you need to have put together a professional CV, listing all of your skills and experience, before the end of your first year at uni.

By around halfway through your final year you really need to be giving some thought to what career you want to pursue. Some people wait until graduation before applying for any permanent roles, but if you have an idea what you want to do, and you start applying for roles before your final year ends, you could greatly boost your chances of securing that dream first job.

If necessary, seek advice from your university careers adviser during your final year. Get some ideas from them as to careers you might be suited to, when one considers the subjects you are studying, your skills, your personality, the nature of your work experience to date etc. Don’t restrict your options – you might not know about all the career options open to you. For example, this site has recently displayed vacancies for:

  • Risk Manager
  • Collections Specialist
  • Group Reporting Manager
  • Compliance Manager

Realistically, how many final year students and recent graduates understand what these roles involve, and whether they might be suited to the role?

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