CBI says employment signs positive for 2017

CBI says employment signs positive for 2017

Employment Signs Positive

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI)’s Employment Trends Survey has revealed that as many as 41% of UK employers are expecting to increase the size of their workforce in 2017. Only 13% indicated that their number of employees was likely to reduce, so with 87% of companies expecting to either take on more staff or keep staffing levels constant, the outlook is rosy for those wanting job security, or who are seeking a new role. The companies surveyed also expect to be able to offer more permanent roles than temporary roles.

The gap between the proportion of companies expecting to increase staffing levels and those expecting to reduce it therefore stands at 28%. This figure has now been above 20% for six successive years.

The survey also suggests many employees can expect a decent pay rise this year. 40% of companies surveyed said they were expecting to offer pay rises ‘in line with the Retail Prices Index (RPI)’, while 17% indicated that their staff could expect a rise in excess of the RPI. The RPI currently stands at 2.2%, significantly higher than the Consumer Prices Index, the government’s preferred measure of inflation, which is currently 1.2%.

73% of respondents said that they had seen improved productivity and performance as a result of their staff being ‘engaged’. As well as ensuring they were appropriately remunerated, employers believed that effective line management and the quality of the pension provision offered were important factors in ensuring staff engagement.

The CBI surveyed 353 companies, both large and small, across the UK. The 353 companies collectively employ some 1.2 million people.

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