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The finance and accounting fields are a broad spectrum of specialisations that involve a whole host of professions, services and approaches. KennedyPearce Consulting has combined technology and personalised service to make recruitment a valuable investment for your organisation.

Our company takes an innovative and bespoke approach to recruiting the best professionals in accountancy and finance for a variety of specialisations. Our Accounting and Finance recruitment division is dedicated to helping specialists and organisations find each other. The division offers a unique blend of specialisation and experience. We pride ourselves on offering a tailored, bespoke service to meet your specific requirements, rather than use a generic approach to recruitment.

Our division finds the best talents and professionals in a whole spectrum of financial services. We recruit partners who have an impressive portfolio of leading companies specialising in investment and asset management, private equity housing, banking, brokering, and trade and insurance.

As a financial recruitment specialist, we understand the complexities of the discipline, which is why we constantly customise our services to deliver successful execution. To increase your chances of finding the right candidate or organisation, we have divided our Finance and Accounting division into two subcategories: financial services and commerce.

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