What employers can do to help keep their workers healthy

What employers can do to help keep their workers healthy

During these cold winter months flu and viruses can be rife in the workplace and negatively affect your employees their work standard. KennedyPearce have come up with a few solutions employers can implement to help keep their workers healthy. Having a healthy workforce is not only beneficial for your employees but to your company too. A healthy workforce means more productivity, less sick days and a higher morale!


fruit basket1) Encourage a healthy work environment.

By making simple changes around the office you can minimise the spread of germs and encourage healthy eating. SImple things such as providing hand sanitisers or anti bacterial soaps near all basins and providing tissue boxes on all desks can make a real difference. Also encourage your staff to eat better, a good way to do this is to provide a weekly basket of fruit for your employees to snack on during their working day, thus giving your employees plenty of vitamins to help keep them healthy.

2. Fitness incentives

Many gyms offer discounts on memberships to companies as a way of attracting more customers. Do your research and get in touch with gyms in close proximity to the office to see if a deal can be arranged.

Another good incentive is the Bike to Work scheme by CycleScheme. Sign up here http://www.cyclescheme.co.uk/get-a-bike. Once you, the employer, have signed up your employers are able to purchase tax free bikes, saving up to 42%, from any of the partnered stores. Not only will the discount encourage your employees to be healthier and cycle to work, but the CycleScheme also offers the chance for bike to paid from monthly installments straight from your employees wage packet, making the idea even more appealing.

Lastly, we also suggest covering the costs of some expenses for activities, exercise classes or gym sessions. For example, a simple incentive could be to pay 50% of your employee’s gym membership, or to cover the first £30 of your employees exercise activities a month. Even the smallest of incentives can be what your employees need to become more active!

3. Working from home and sick days:

Extend the time sick employees stay home and even when they have recovered encourage your employee to stay at home for a further 24 hours after symptoms have gone away, to help prevent them passing on illnesses to their work colleagues. A good way of ensuring their work is still done is to allow employers to work from home if they have symptoms. An ill employee working at home is far better than a sick employee in the office spreading their germs.

doctor-563428_6404. Flu Jabs:

Another way to prevent days off from sick days is to encourage your employees to take a annual flu jab. This can be done by offering to cover the costs, or part of the cost for a flu jab. You may find that the amount of money you would lose from employees taking time of because they are sick is far greater than the cost of giving your workforce flu jabs.


What other workplace incentives have you seen that are aimed at keeping employees healthy? Let us know at @KennedyPearce




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