Employment in the Party Manifestos

Employment in the Party Manifestos

What’s in some of the other party manifestos regarding employment?

Ahead of the General Election on June 8, what are the parties promising regarding employment?

Liberal Democrats:

  • 1p to be added to all income tax bands
  • Corporation tax to increase to 20%
  • A new ‘start up allowance’ to assist people starting a new business to manage living costs during the first few weeks
  • A review of smaller companies’ business rates
  • A ‘good employer’ kitemark to be awarded to companies that meet certain standards, such as paying the Living Wage and paying all interns
  • Larger companies to be required to publish the number of people they pay less than the Living Wage, and the difference between their median wage and their highest wage
  • Employees of listed companies with more than 250 employeesto be given the right to request share ownership
  • Staff to be represented on companies’ remuneration committees
  • Employment tribunal fees to be scrapped
  • A long term aim to increase the upper National Insurance threshold to the level of the higher rate income tax threshold


  • An increase in the threshold for paying income tax to £13,500, and the higher rate threshold will rise to £55,000
  • Workers to be given the option of retiring earlier and accepting a reduced state pension
  • Companies to be required to advertise jobs to British citizens before promoting them to foreign workers
  • Employers to be legally entitled to recruit an unemployed British citizen aged under 25, even if a foreign applicant is a stronger candidate
  • Companies’ business rates to fall by 20% if their premises have a rateable value of less than £1.5 million
  • Companies to be fined for making late payments to smaller customers

Scottish Nationalists:

  • Additional rate income tax in Scotland to rise to 50%, from 45%, from 2018/19
  • No further reductions in corporation tax
  • The level of the Minimum Wage to be increased to that of the Living Wage across all age groups
  • No further increases in state pension age
  • Gender pay gap reporting to be extended to all companies with 150 employees, and all public authorities with at least 20 employees
  • A new tax on bankers’ bonuses


  • A universal basic income to be paid to all
  • Phasing in of a four-day working week, with a maximum of 35 hours
  • Zero-hours contracts to be outlawed
  • The Living Wage to increase to £10 per hour by 2020
  • A phased abolition of the upper National Insurance threshold
  • A new ‘wealth tax’ on the top 1% of earners
  • Introduction of a higher rate of corporation tax for the largest companies

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