Ensuring the January Blues Don’t Affect you at Work

Ensuring the January Blues Don’t Affect you at Work

Once the Christmas and New Year festivities have ended, January can often be the most depressing month of the year. There may be nothing in your social diary, the next public holiday is not until Easter, the evenings are long and dark, the weather may be poor and you may be feeling the pinch financially. However, there are a number of ways you can ensure that the ‘January blues’ don’t get to you at work.

Set yourself some targets for the year. Ask yourself what you want to achieve at work in 2017. This might mean securing a pay rise or internal promotion, sitting professional examinations or taking on additional responsibilities. Then consider what steps you need to take to achieve your goals – maybe talk to your boss about this. Many companies recruit new starters at the start of a new year – if your company is one of these then ask if you can assist with their induction and training.

Consider booking some leave. It can be tough working five full days every week all the way from the New Year until Easter, and Easter is as late as mid-April in 2017. So think about booking some time off, even if it’s just the odd day or half-day. If you are thinking about a major winter holiday, then this can massively help you in fighting the January blues, but bear in mind that this could leave you with very few days holiday left when the end of year approaches.

Stage some sort of work social. Consider if you can put on some form of social get together during January, even if it might have to be a cheaper one given that people may have spent a lot in the run-up to Christmas. Even a few drinks in the pub after work can greatly improve employees’ mood.

Consider starting a club at work. How about starting a work quiz team, sports team or walking group?

Get some exercise. Consider visiting the local gym or getting some other form of exercise at lunchtime or after work.

Keep the office Christmas decorations up all the way until Twelfth Night on January 6

Consider if you need a new challenge. Use any time you have off over the festive season to appraise your career, and if you decide you want to move on, then brush up your CV, practise your interview technique and get in touch with your recruitment consultant.

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