To What Extent Should Management Delegate

To What Extent Should Management Delegate

To what extent should management delegate?

Managers are responsible for their business area, but cannot do everything themselves. They therefore need to decide what tasks they can delegate, and to what extent. These are all things you need to consider when deciding whether to delegate a task or project:

  • Time – you need to consider whether your staff have the time to carry out the task. Remember that at junior levels there may be no contractual requirement to work whatever hours are necessary, and that they may be entitled to overtime pay if they need to exceed their contracted hours.
  • Motivation – delegation can be a good way of motivating your staff, as they will feel better about being trusted. However, be careful, as giving someone a task with which they feel uncomfortable can have the opposite effect.
  • Skills and experience of staff – this is perhaps the most important thing to consider. Do they have the skills, experience and knowledge to carry out the delegated task? If they need to be trained, and the training takes as long as you would have spent on the task anyway, then delegation may not achieve anything.
  • Professional manner of staff – consider also whether the employees you are considering delegating to will approach the task in the right way. You won’t want to delegate to someone who will fail to display commitment, or who will cut corners and bend the rules.
  • Importance of the task – the more important a work task is, the more you need to think carefully before delegating it.

Other things to bear in mind regarding delegation include:

  • It may be much easier to delegate tasks if there are detailed written procedures in place.
  • Focus on whether the employee delivers the right result, and don’t get hung up about them doing it in exactly the way you would.
  • If a delegated task is performed well, it can reflect well on you.
  • Ensure employees are adequately rewarded for successful completion of a delegated task, e.g. via your company’s incentive pay scheme or rewards scheme.

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