How To Fight off Flu in the Workplace

How To Fight off Flu in the Workplace

In our previous blog post we talked about what Managers can do to help keep their workforce healthy, but what about you, the worker? If you want to avoid getting sick this winter then follow Kennedypearce’s top tips on how to fight off flu in the workplace:

1) Build up your Immune System

If your immune system is in peak condition you are far less likely to catch the latest strand of flu virus making its way around the office. By following some simple daily healthcare tips and advice you can help create a strong immune system.

First of all be sure you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables to get all your vital vitamins, including vitamin C. Even a small deficiency in vitamin C has been linked to an increased severity of respiratory infections. High quantities of Vitamin C can be found in lots of fruits and vegetables, not just oranges. You can also take a vitamin C supplements to boost your intake. Health experts advise taking between 1.5 to 4 grams of vitamin C at the very first signs of a cold.

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2) Exercise

You may think that to prevent getting ill you should take it easy and rest. But in actual fact exercise can be key to maintaining a healthy immune system. Exercise encourages fresh blood to be pumped around your body. This brings more oxygen and a fresh supply of nutrients to different parts of the body, helping them ward off infections.

3) Supplements

If you can’t get the vitamins and minerals needed through your diet then supplements can be a great alternative. In addition to Vitamin , Echinchea and Zinc are also highly recommended.

Echinacea works by increasing the number of white blood cells in the body that fight off germs and stop viruses from spreading. It may also raise the production of interferon, a protein that prevents the virus from reproducing in cells, killing off the infection.

zincThe most effective way to take zinc is in lozenges. Zinc works as an antioxidant in the body, fighting off harmful chemicals that can speed up the ageing process or trigger a serious medical condition. Studies have shown that adults who took zinc lozenges had less severe flu symptoms.


So next time why not keep some supplements on your office desk so you remember to take them? If you’re feeling slightly ill remember to keep hydrated and monitor your vitamin intake. Simple things such as making sure you wash your hands after sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose and avoiding close contact and sharing of utensils and stationary with your work colleagues.

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