The Finance Sector Creates 10,000 New Jobs As Optimism Rises

The Finance Sector Creates 10,000 New Jobs As Optimism Rises

It’s been a hard five years for those in the financial sector. Since 2008 the industry has lost 85,000 jobs but things are looking up. In the three months leading to September, 10,000 new jobs were created in the financial services sector.

Profitability is still rising and this means there’s optimism for the final quarter of this year too. It is expected that an additional 2,000 jobs will be created between October and December.

It’s not just the financial industry that is looking optimistic, there’s economic growth in a number of sectors. This is great news for business owners, recruitment companies and the unemployed.

This information comes from a survey of 99 companies by the CBI employers group and PwC, an advisory group.

Kevin Burrowes, PwC’s UK financial services leader, said: “We expect the full effect of the UK’s economic recovery to be reflected in bank performance in the coming months and their solid profitability is supported by predicted cost reductions and increasing focus on growth.”

The survey also said that 59 percent of the financial services companies surveyed said they were feeling more optimistic about their business situation. That’s compared to just 6 percent who said they were feeling less optimistic. This is the highest balance towards optimism since 1996.

Where Are These New Jobs?

It’s the accounting and finance sectors that have experienced the most impressive growth. So if you are searching for a financial services job, accounting might be the best place to start. KennedyPearce are making the job search easy with dedicated financial services section.

We work with companies such as ETX Capital and other financial services brands. Recently we’ve recruited placements such as financial analysts and controllers for FTSE 100 companies.

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Jobs For All Levels

The nice thing about so many new jobs being created in the financial services sector is that they range from managerial jobs to graduate jobs. Due to the time it takes to recruit, temporary workers have been filling in where needed but a lot of companies are now looking for more long term staffing solutions.

Whether your are an administrator or an analyst, there will be a job out there for you. It’s time to polish off that CV and get to work on crafting an exceptional cover letter.

Continued Growth In All Sectors

Some industries are growing quicker than others. The accounting and finance sectors are the two that have advertised the most vacancies between August and September, according to the Association of Professional Staffing Companies.

These sectors saw a 19 percent increase in year-on-year advertised vacancies. This is probably due to the banks hiring more staff in order to combat financial crime. This has a knock-on effect on the rest of the industry.

The Next Step

For people currently looking for a financial services job, take a look at the KennedyPearce website for more information on available positions.


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