Finding Time to Attend Interviews

Finding Time to Attend Interviews

How to find time to attend interviews whilst working full-time

Resigning from your current job to allow you to concentrate fully on finding another one carries a number of risks, not least that you don’t know how long you will be out of work and hence without an income.

This means that most people who are searching for a new role do so whilst still working in their existing role. This inevitably begs the question of how you find time to attend interviews? You can’t keep telling your employer a family member has died, or that you are ill, if you need to attend a number of interviews before you get offered the right role.

Some strategies you could use here include:

Try and schedule interviews for early or late in the day. Some recruiting companies may even accommodate evening or weekend interviews, but failing that, try and arrange an early morning or late afternoon interview that allows you to attend before or after work, or one at lunchtime if the prospective new employer is located near to your current company. If your employer allows you to work flexible hours then this becomes so much easier.

Book some half days off. Book a series of half-day holidays in advance and then when you get invited to interview, see if your interviews can be scheduled for these times. If you end up not having an interview on any of your pre-booked half-day holidays then you can always cancel these at short notice. If an interview invitation arrives at short notice, then it may also be possible to book a half-day holiday once you know – although your contract of employment and/or company employee handbook might specify a certain amount of notice you need to give to book any leave, some companies do not enforce these rigorously.

If you need other time off, don’t be specific about why this is required. If you can’t schedule your interview for early morning, lunchtime, late afternoon, evening or weekend, and you can’t fix it to coincide with a half-day holiday either, then tell your employer you have an ‘appointment’ and leave it at that. Companies will allow you time off to attend medical appointments and the like.

If your company doesn’t require formal business attire to be worn, you may need to carry your interview outfit in a bag, and find a bathroom to change clothes in, as it might look obvious if you suddenly turn up to the office looking much smarter than usual.

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