First Day in a New Job

First Day in a New Job

Things to take on your first day in a new job

On your first day in a new role, there are a number of things you may need to take with you.

It goes without saying that you should take anything which you were specifically asked to bring in your offer letter, or in any other communication with the company. However, please also consider whether you need to take any of the following:

  • Examination certificates, perhaps your degree certificate and/or relevant professional examination certificates
  • Evidence of the right to work in the UK, such as a UK/EU passport
  • The sort code, account number, branch name and bank name of the bank account to which you want your salary to be paid
  • Your National Insurance number
  • Your P45 from your last employer

Your new employer will almost certainly want to see these during the initial stages of your employment, but if you provide them without being prompted, you could earn yourself some brownie points for your professionalism.

Make sure you take your wallet, and enough money for lunch and for transport. Check you’ve got your public transport pass or permit if you need one.

If you’re walking to work, or walking quite a long way from the railway station or bus stop, then consider putting your work shoes in your bag, so you can wear trainers or other more comfortable footwear during the journey.

For your own personal comfort, you may also want to take:

  • Any snacks you might need to see you through the working day
  • Your lunch, especially if your new office is in a remote location where you can’t quickly nip out for a sandwich
  • Your favourite tea, coffee or other beverage. It is likely that the company will provide drinking water from a cooler, and some form of tea and coffee. However, if you have your own personal favourite beverage, you may want to take a supply with you in case it isn’t available in the office
  • Basic medication, such as painkillers, together with any other medicines you might need to take during the day
  • Any cosmetics you might want to apply to spruce up your appearance

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