Flexibility Top of Employee Wish List

Flexibility Top of Employee Wish List

Employees say more flexibility is top of their wish list

A survey by holiday rental company Optimal Villas has revealed that more flexible working arrangements is the one thing that UK workers wish they could change concerning their job. The survey was specifically concerned with asking what changes to the working environment would boost people’s productivity, and did not ask employees about salary and other perks.

Of the 10,000 people questioned, 35% – more than a third – said that they believed more flexible working arrangements would lead to an increase in their productivity. This increased to a majority (53%) amongst workers aged 55-64.

The second most wished for change was an increased holiday allowance, with 28.5% believing this would boost their productivity, although a separate survey question showed that 66.4% of respondents were happy with their current holiday allowance. Amongst workers in the North East of England, the proportion believing that a larger annual leave allowance would help was as high as 46%.

26% believed that more efficient operating systems would help increase their productivity, 21% said more training would help, 19.5% believed that being allowed to take longer breaks would assist in this respect and 13% said that being given increased responsibility would boost their productivity. Around 10% said that an increased workload would deliver a productivity boost. Those surveyed were allowed to select more than one response.

Nick Ball, Marketing Manager at Optima Villas, said:

“It’s understandable that Brits believe more holidays throughout the year would make them more productive at work. Sometimes we all just need time away from the office to recharge the batteries – and a week in the sun never hurts!”

All employees with 26 weeks’ service are entitled to request that their employer allows them to work flexibly. Flexible working can include working from home for all or part of the working week, working part-time, organising working hours around school pickups and drop-offs, job share agreements and flexi-time arrangements.

A flexible working request could be made for a number of reasons, perhaps because you have childcare or adult care responsibilities; or you have a disability; or you wish to travel to work outside peak hours, study for a qualification or reduce hours as retirement approaches.

A company must have a genuine business reason for refusing a request to work flexibly. 

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