Getting Through the 2014 January Blues

Getting Through the 2014 January Blues

It’s easy to feel down in the dumps in January, Christmas and is over, you’ve over indulged and to top it all the weather is a bit grim. But there’s plenty to be positive about and here at KennedyPearce we have some top tips on how to kick start your 2014 and banish those January blues.



get healthyA healthy body means a healthy mind and January is the perfect time to rethink and get healthy. Making simple changes like taking the stairs, walking to work or cutting out your mid-morning snack can be the first step to a healthier and happier outlook for the rest of the year.



Maybe your feeling stressed with the post- Christmas backlog at work or with money being tight in this long month. All the more reason to take a step back and have some ‘me’ time. Take an evening or two to switch off from work with a bath, cosy night in, or even a long refreshing walk on a frosty morning. Being less stressed will make you more productive and more importantly… happier!



Organising your diary, your finances or even just your handbag makes for a clearer head and a better and brighter outlook. Leaving yourself in the dark about your money won’t make solving issues you have any easier and sorting any issues now will mean a clean slate for the rest of 2014!





Life is one long learning curve so taking on a new challenge might be the perfect way to give you a boost. From taking on a new task at work, to learning a new language, maybe even taking on a night course to gain a career boosting qualification or even something simpler like learning a new sport or hobby push yourself to take on a challenge and boost your CV and your personal life.




Is there something you’ve been meaning to do but never did? Maybe you’re feeling unsatisfied in your current job? Kennedy Pearce has some great advice and job opportunities that mean January might be the month to start that career you’ve always wanted.


Take a look at Kennedy Pearce’s latest opportunities; banish the January blues and make 2014 your year!

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