Graduate Gets Interviews From Holding A Sign Asking To Be Hired

Graduate Gets Interviews From Holding A Sign Asking To Be Hired

At KennedyPearce we love to share ingenious ways in which people have tried to get a job. Whilst the tried and tested method is what we endorse (we’re a bit biased but we do recommend recruiters), we can’t help but applaud people who step outside the box, and seeing it actually work.

That’s what happened to Graduate Alfred Ajani, who held up a sign advertising himself at Waterloo Train Station during the morning rush hour, catching the attention of many of a commuter.

The 22 year old, handed out copies of his CVs as he held a sign that simply read: MARKETING GRADUATE (BA HONS 2:1 COVENTRY UNI). Many commuters then stopped to speak to him about potential positions.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Ajani said: “One woman worked in advertising and took a CV and another guy ran back from his train and said he’d walked past but had started thinking and might have something for me. I’ve already had some phone calls and have got an interview booked.

Ajani’s action didn’t just catch the attention of those passing through Waterloo train station, once the word spread to twitter he was receiving online praise for taking things into his own hands and being proactive.


After a successful day marketing himself, Ajani became inundated with emails and LinkedIn adds. Ajani added “The response has been incredible. I’ve even had to have my family and friends help me go through all the emails and phone messages I’ve received.”

At KennedyPearce we commend Ajani’s creativity but we know this approach isn’t for everyone. Are you a graduate struggling to find your way into the workplace? Get in touch with us, our expert recruitment consultants are ready to help you: Get In Touch

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