What Happened to the Graduate with a ‘hire me’ sign at Waterloo Station?

What Happened to the Graduate with a ‘hire me’ sign at Waterloo Station?

Back last year in September we blogged about the bright young graduate Alfred Ajani, who held up a sign asking to be hired at Waterloo Train Station during the morning rush hour, catching the attention of many commuters. But what happened to him? Did he get a job?

Well in a full turn of events and almost 6 months down the line, Alfred returned to that very same spot to hold up a different sign, and this is what he tweeted:

Alfred Graduate


Yep that’s right, Alfred was back at the same spot at the same time of day now looking to hire other people!

Alfred, a Coventry Graduate, received many an email and LinkedIn request from his morning at Waterloo station holding up his sign and handing out copies of his C.V, gaining lots of interactions and followers on Twitter too. This act ultimately led to Alfred landing a job at The Asoria Group. He works as a PR projects manager there and now he is on the lookout for people to hire himself, returning back the exact spot where it all started.

Speaking to content website A plus (A+) Alfred said “I knew I wanted to give something back and sooner rather than later,” he said. “And [I] thought why not go back to where it all started for me and inspire others.”

Working at the Asoria Group, Alfred hopes to build the marketing and public relation team. As well as a job, Alfred’s efforts have also enabled him to become a bit of a Twitter hit, he now labels himself with the apt twitter handle @theCVman and has over 2000 followers, and even receives fan mail!


At KennedyPearce we commend Alfred’s creativity! it certainly is a testament to his drive that he has managed to achieve a great outcome.

We also know this unusual approach isn’t for everyone and if you a graduate struggling to find your way into the workplace and need some advice then get in touch with us, our expert recruitment consultants are ready to help you: Get In Touch

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