Do ‘Hobbies and Interests’ really matter on your C.V?

Do ‘Hobbies and Interests’ really matter on your C.V?

You may not think that the obligatory Hobbies and Interest section on your C.V matters. Many employers, recruiters included, may argue that the main sections that determine whether a candidate is shortlisted is the Skills, Education and Experience part of an application.

However, sometimes when a recruiter is having to narrow down a shortlist and pick between candidates your Hobbies and Interests can affect your outcome. In addition there is the chance that Hobbies and Interest can also be mentioned during your first interview as a conversation topic and for the interview to get to know more about you and your personality. So the Hobbies and Interests section isn’t something you should hide away from.

To help you when it comes to writing down your Hobbies and Interests, KennedyPearce have come up with a list of best answers so you can work out if any apply to you. Now, don’t get us wrong, saying you like football, eating, the cinema, walking, cooking, socialising, reading is ok to write. But in reality most people, love to do at least one of the above. What you should aim to do is stand out from the other candidates and add more depth to the character you are showing on your CV. With this in mind check out some of our favourite answers:

1) Writing / Blogging

Showing employers that you have the skills to write or blog, which can even be about a subject or hobby (i.e food), can show strength of character, passion and interest. If you are going through a bout of unemployment then this is a great time to get stuck into a blog as it shows that despite being unemployed you are still utilising your time. It will also give you more writing experience and give extra kudos to your online presence.

computing2) Computing

Computing is one of those transferable skills which can likely be applied to every office job. Having an understanding in programming or different soft-wares can give you the edge over another candidate and will no doubt come in handy due to the amount of hours you spend on a computer. This will also show your potential employer that you like to learn and improve yourself. There are tons of self teaching websites and YouTube tutorials out there to help you.

3) Volunteering

Volunteering is considered a valuable asset to an employer who is looking for a candidate who can offer more than just skills and experience to a team. It shows that you are conscientious about the society you live in, that you are happy to help others and are willing to do so for free. Having volunteering experience shows a lot of desirable qualities to your employer.

marathon4) Big Achievements!

Big achievements reached in your spare time can really impress an employer. Do you like to run? Well saying you managed to run a marathon sounds more impressive. Do you like to Paint? Well saying that you have exhibited work in a local gallery shows your employer more. You don’t just write you work for charity, you explain that you raised 5k for a charity you feel passionate about. You get where we are going with this! Listing achievements like this means you have character and a story and perhaps something to add to the team.

So next time you are filling in that obligatory ‘Hobbies and Interests’ section think carefully about how you want to comes across.

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