How Do Employers Recruit Graduates

How Do Employers Recruit Graduates

How Employers Recruit Graduates

Companies use a variety of methods to recruit new graduates, and those in their final year at university, so it can be beneficial to know the methods they use.

Visits to Campuses

Some companies visit universities and conduct interviews and other assessments with students in their final year. This is commonly known as the ‘milkround’, and is especially favoured by companies seeking to recruit for large, structured graduate training schemes. Understandably, it is impossible for any company to visit every university and higher education college in the UK, so these visits tend to take place at larger or more prestigious universities. Students at other establishments need to apply via another method, although some companies have an unpublicised list of ‘lesser’ universities from which they will not consider applications.

University Careers Services

Every final year student intending to go into employment on graduation should make use of their university careers service. Employers will frequently contact universities with details of their vacancies, and then the careers service may publicise these via a regular newsletter, on a noticeboard or on a website. Students who apply for jobs during their final year stand a better chance of securing graduate level employment than those who wait until they have graduated before considering the matter.

Specialist Graduate Jobs Publications

Several publications exist which specialise in advertising positions for new graduates.

Recruitment Agencies

Final year students and graduates seeking employment should register with an agency that specialise in the type of role they are considering. Recruitment agencies have powerful relationships with companies and not only open the door to different roles but give invaluable advice and coaching on how to secure the job.

Offers to those Who Have Worked for them Previously

Many companies offer vacation work experience to students, whether this in the form of internships or fully paid employment. Unfortunately, there is still an element of internships going to those whose families can afford to have their student offspring working on a low internship wage. Nevertheless, to improve their chances of securing employment when they leave, all students should try and secure some form of employment during summer vacations. Again an agency can be very successful at helping you secure this type of work experience.

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