How To Get More from Internal Networking

How To Get More from Internal Networking

Internal networking, also known as on the job networking, is a great way to help you advance your career in your current company but it is often overlooked. Let’s not forget that many internal job applications often get preference over outside applicants for many job openings. In many ways internal networking is easier than traditional networking, you know the company, you have something in common and already have that introduction with people. You can also work out who you would like to know better and keep an eye on roles you’re interested in before they come available. Sounds great, right? So where do you start? KennedyPearce offers advice on how to get more from Internal Networking:

1. Don’t Ease Up

Many job seekers will typically ease up on their networking efforts once they land a job. But if you’re looking for career advancement, networking is something you need to maintain. You’ll need to put time aside for networking and put in the extra effort. Don’t expect to just go to work, get on with you job and only interact with colleagues using small talk and niceties. Make the effort to get to know colleagues and establish a professional relationship with them.

2. Figure Out Who is Who

CommunicationIt’s always a good idea to see past your sector in work and learn about other sectors in the organisation, you’ll have a more competent knowledge of your company and you’ll get to know who is who. This way you will be able to make a list of people you would like to get to know. If you’re uncomfortable approaching someone from a different sector get someone to introuduce you. You already have an in – you work for the same company!



3. Get Involved

Don’t over look many on the job networking opportunities such as events and team building activities. Many companies part take in group sports teams, like a charity football match or volunteering opportunities. Get involved! This is a great way to get to know your colleagues outside the work environment and you may even enjoy yourself. You could even take the initiative to start your own activity. If you’re a keen cyclist, why not organise a sponsored bike ride? Mixing something you love to do with networking. This way you’ll have to engage with people in your company to organise the event. Plus it shows you are an active member of the company!

4. Give Before You Get

job-interviewMake sure you offer you networks something so it is not all just take from you. This is an important rule to follow for all types of networking. Give credit to colleagues who have worked hard, sincerely of course. Congratulate colleagues who have been promoted, reached a milestone, or carried out some great work. In meetings give credit to good work your co workers have done, and give due credit to those who have helped you professionally. Hopefully your efforts will be rewarded.

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