How to have a Great Interview

How to have a Great Interview

Great Interview

To have a great interview, one must know what goes on inside an interviewer’s head. When you’re looking for a job, you will come across recruiters with experience in looking for the best talent around. Of course, there will be a hundred things running through a recruiter’s mind during an interview. Here at KennedyPearce Consulting Ltd, we’re ready to tell you exactly what goes through a top hirer’s mind.

Is There Genuine Interest?

Interviewers will need to see that you really want the job you are applying for and feel enthusiastic about it.  They will also be on the lookout for your deep understanding of the job.

Are Their Skills Relevant to the Position?

A long curriculum vitae does not equate to a job offer. The interviewer will be very sensitive to the way you discuss your experience and show what you will be able to offer the company. You should focus on experience that is relevant to the job. If your experience is in a different industry, try to link specific skills to the role you want. Always discuss your employment history and abilities in relation to their relevance to the job you are being interviewed for.  

A Matching Personality

For many companies, it is important to show how your personality matches the culture of the company. That is why confidence is important. If you aren’t confident, it will be difficult for interviewers to see who you really are as a person and match you with the company’s values.

Show Your True Self

A big red flag for any recruiter are inconsistencies between the information on paper and the what the person says during the interview. This can become apparent when the experience listed in your curriculum vitae does not match the stories you recount. Applicants must never try to misrepresent themselves when going for interviews. Trust us, recruiters know.

Here at KennedyPearce Consulting Ltd, we offer sound interview advice to all the candidates we handle. With extensive experience in human resources and recruitment, we find talent and apply a tailored approach to the hiring process. We help people move their careers forward and help companies grow by recruiting great people. 

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