How To Improve Your CV

How To Improve Your CV

How a recruiter can help candidates improve their CV

Your CV is just two or perhaps three pages long, but it might be the only piece of evidence an employer has when seeking to reduce a huge field of applicants to a much shorter list of candidates who will be invited to interview. It therefore goes without saying that your CV needs to make you stand out, and also that even one mistake on your CV could lead to your application being consigned to the bin. So there are considerable advantages in having your CV scrutinised by a recruitment professional.

Although you may be tempted to include everything you have ever accomplished on your CV, you may not have space to do this. A recruiter can advise you how to tailor your CV to the job in question. For example, if a job requires a self-motivated person to take personal responsibility, then it is no good talking about your team working skills; and if the employer wants someone with a passion for customer service, it is of no use if your CV describes how you once wrote a procedure manual while working alone for weeks on end!

Sometimes you may not think you possess the skills contained in a job specification. However, a recruiter can encourage you to think of examples which you can use to demonstrate that you do in fact possess those skills.

A recruiter can also check your CV to ensure it reads well and that it is free from spelling and grammatical errors.

As mentioned above, an employer might receive a great many CVs, and may not have time to read them all in full. Your chances of being invited to the next stage of the process may be greatly enhanced if your CV contains a persuasive opening section explaining in a few sentences why you would be such a great asset to the company. A recruitment professional can help you write an introductory section that shows you in the best possible light.

Some of the best CVs contain a list of the candidate’s key career achievements to date. A recruiter can help you identify what your major career successes have been.

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