How To Make A Digital Workplace More Personal

How To Make A Digital Workplace More Personal

The office dynamic and how we do things is rapidly changing as technology continues to grow and insert itself into our day to day business lives. The standard ‘office world’ is rapidly different to the ‘office world’ of ten years ago. Technology is becoming ever more integrated in the way we do things in the digital workplace. But how do we ensure that technology doesn’t take over and cause more problems? How do we create a balance between the digital office and keeping things personal? KennedyPearce gives you some tips on How To Make A Digital Workplace More Personal:

1.Develop the Meeting

If you scheduled a meeting or a Skype call, create an agenda which you can send out in advance. People will then know what you will be discussing and can have their own inputs ready. It also saves time if you ask whether there’s anything attendees want to add to cut down on unexpected conversations. If multiple people are involved in a conference call it can get challenging trying to decipher who is talking when. One way round this it so incorporate webcams into your conference calls as well. Seeing each other talking during a call makes all the difference in achieving goals for the meeting and feeling connected around the ideas you’re discussing.

2. Don’t forget Face to Face to time

It can be easy to carry on talking to your colleagues and clients through email or instant messaging, as it can fit in with everyone’s schedules. But meeting face to face can really make a difference when showing support to a client, or to help head off costly miscommunications. A personal meeting at the start of a new project or during critical phases can be a sensible idea to ensure you are all on the same page. There is also a measurable value in asking employees who don’t have customer-facing roles to get involved with customers from time to time.

3. Take a break from the screens

Desktops, phones, tablets and other devices make it easy for our work to follow us away from our desks. We can even work on our commute or on our lunch breaks. Make sure you take a break from the screens. Spend your lunch break without your phone, or go visit a colleague and talk to them rather than instant messaging them. Make sure you allow some down time during your commute home and your time off. It’s very important to manage your work/life balance so you don’t become stressed or overworked.

4. Walk

Walking is a great way to clear your head and get the blood pumping. Just 30 minutes of walking a day can help reduce the risk of developing debilitating conditions. In our previous KennedyPearce blog post we spoke about the benefits of Walking Meetings and how they work: The Benefits of Walking MeetingsEncourage your staff and colleagues to take walking meetings if there’s just a few of you meeting up. You’ll get some fresh air, walk, and communicate in person!


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