Tips For Networking At Your Christmas Party

Tips For Networking At Your Christmas Party

We’ve come to that time of year again, the festivities start appearing in the office as we draw ever closer to Christmas and the New Year. But before 2016 greets us you have one more big event to get through – the office Christmas party. Love it or dread it, the office party is a great chance to get to know your colleagues better in a more relaxed atmosphere, make an impression on your workplace superiors and network! So if you’re looking to find out about other parts of your company, internal job openings or promotions then networking at the Christmas Party is a great opportunity. KennedyPearce gives you some Top Tips for Networking at the Christmas Party

  1. Shake hands and Speak to Strangers: 

Chances are you’ll see a few unfamiliar faces at the office holiday party, such as employees from other departments or your colleagues’ friends and family. Make the effort to go and talk to them and find out what they do for the company. Executives and board members also usually attend holiday parties, so maintain a friendly yet professional manner and get talking to them so they know who you are.

2. Don’t Just Talk about Work

Work is obviously the easiest topic of choice when talking to colleagues. You both have that in common and it is an easy icebreaker. However you’re not at work today, you’re at a social event so make the effort to talk and ask about interests and hobbies outside the workplace. You may find out something interesting and hopefully build more of a rapport or impression on your colleagues.

3. Follow Up

Capitalise on the connections you made at a party or event with a follow-up email or LinkedIn request within the first 24 hours, before people forget who you are! Linkedin is a nice easy way to stay connected, and remind your colleague of you and your conversation. When sending an Linkedin invitation be sure to write a personal message to help show your sincerity in making a genuine connection. If a conversation went particularly well, why not organise a breakfast before work or a chance to grab a coffee together?

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Walk Away

Even if you are really enjoying a conversation with someone, don’t overdo it and talk for them for too long and risk missing other potential contacts in the room (or making them miss some)! On the other end of the scale, if you’re finding a conversation hard work and you don’t feel you will able to get a rapport with your colleague then make a decisive decision to step away tactfully and politely, otherwise you could be stuck all night!

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