How To Save Time on Your Tube Commute

How To Save Time on Your Tube Commute

Over a million people use the Tube to get to work everyday and according to a study the average London commuter spends about 65 minutes on their work commute. That’s the longest commuting times compared to everywhere else in the UK!

Now we’re all for cutting time and money spent on those work commutes and when heading to client’s offices. In August we posted 4 Easy Hacks to Save Money on the Tube. So this month we are posting about How To Save Time on Your Tube Commute. Use these clever, savvy London underground tips to make your commute that little bit faster:

Get into the Tube Exits - AnswersRight Carriage:
There are apps like Tube Exits for ios and Tube Assistant that tell you exactly what number carriage you need to stand in for a swift exit out of the station or for a quicker change of tube line! It covers every single station on the London Underground, DLR and East London Overground networks and even works offline when you are on the underground! Tube Exits even claims to save you up to 10 minutes on an average peak journey! Worth a download.

The shortcut at King’s Cross:

Want to get from the Piccaddilly line to the Northern quicker? Then ignore the signs as you can still get down to the Northern line the old way instead of trekking all the way down that new crazily long route – you just have go down the non-signposted stairs instead of the now-closed escalator.

The secret tunnel at Leicester Square:

Want to change lines? Go to the stairs right at the end of the platform to change lines instead of going up and over using the signposted exits at the middle. You’ll go against the flow and save yourself about 300 metres. Much better than shuffling along the long tunnel route if you follow the signs.

The Bank/Monument hack:

Bank is likely the most horrible tube station in London. So make your journey easier when changing from DLR or the District line to the Central line. It’s much quicker (even at rush hour) to follow signs to the Northern line platforms and walk along them, then head straight ahead along the curved tunnel and up the spiral stairs, rather than up and down all the escalators and steps.

Don’t fear the wide barrier gate:

Queues of people waste time bunching up for a regular gate, but most stations now have a ‘wide gate’ that can be used for a speedier exit. So make a B line for that one to get out of the station a bit quicker!

oysterDon’t wait for the barriers to close before you tap:

If the person in front of you touches in OK with a ‘beep’ you can touch in behind them and keep walking, without having to wait for the barriers to close behind them. Now if everyone did this imagine how much quicker it would be!



Walking can sometimes be Faster:

Walking to certian places can not only make you’re commute a bit faster but can also save you money if you take a journey in a zone closer to your destination rather than heading straight for the closest station. For example Bank is only 290 metres from Cannon Street, Aldgate is only 327 metres from Aldgate East and Mansion House is only 460 metres from Bank. Check out this map featured on Time Out, created by Rod McLaren, showing which stations are under 500m apart and therefor definitely easier to walk between. Click here for a larger version of this map:

london walking map

What are you top tips for saving time on your London commute? Tweet us @Kennedypearce

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