Increase your employability: How to learn a new language

Increase your employability: How to learn a new language

In a global marketplace where contacts are literally a click, a dial or a webcam away from each other, the use of a second language can give you a great edge over competitors when applying for a job.

What’s great about being able to speak another language is that it can work in your favour in almost any job you apply for. Obviously in some jobs speaking another language would be more relevant than in others. But even if you decide to switch careers, speaking another language is one of those transferable skills you can take with you.

Here’s some tools to help you on your way to learning a language


Price: Free

Languages: 91

Speaking a language is all well and good but Lang-8 teaches you how to write it also – especially important for non-romantic languages like Korean and Japanese. You keep a running journal in the language you’re learning and a native speaker from that country reviews and corrects it.  In order to keep the service free, you also act as editor for someone learning your native language.


Price: Free

Languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian

Duolingo is a crowdsourced approach to teaching to both help you learn a new language and universally translate. It works by helping you translate various online texts—the sentence difficulty dependent on your ability level—and the system provides feedback and instruction on words you had difficulty with. How’s it free? Well what you’re  translating is actual web pages.


Languages: 12

Busuu has a large social network element integrated with the learning function! Through interactive courses and lessons as well as through engaging with the site’s user community, users can learn a range of languages. Like to do your learning on your work commute? Well Busuu also has Apps for both iOS and Android for learning on the move.

We hope this post helps you improve your employability. If you feel there are other language learning services that we should add, please let us know in the comments section below.


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