Interviews are Nerve Wracking

Interviews are Nerve Wracking

Nerve Wracking Interviews

Interviews are understandably nerve-wracking. Why wouldn’t they be? You will be talking to people who are assessing if you fit the bill and if you are the best candidate. Being too nervous, however, can cause your interview to go awry. If that happens, however, you can still save the interview.

When You Forget Your Lines

Sometimes the problem with practising your lines before an interview is you get flustered when you do not answer exactly the way you practised it and you panic. You end up saying something unintelligible or end up stuttering.

Interviewers are actually used to this, and this is a situation easily fixed. Just apologise for the little stumble and explain what you meant or wanted to say. For future interviews, when you practice your lines try to answer a question in different ways and set in your mind that you don’t have to answer exactly that way. Interviewers are wary of obviously rehearsed answers anyway so try to be more flexible with answering questions.

When Your Mind Goes Blank

In some situations, you can be asked a question that catches you completely off guard and no answer surfaces to mind. Sometimes, you are asked a question that you know the answer to, but your brain just decides to stop.

It’s ok. Take a breath. Ask the interviewer to repeat the question, and try not to look too blank. If you still can’t find the answer, you can diffuse the situation by making a light joke that acknowledges the situation. The interviewer has probably noticed that you’ve gone blank anyway. Relieving the tension might eventually give you the answer you are looking for, or the interviewer might substantiate the question for you. This little break can also give you the chance to start a topic where you can highlight your strengths.

Job interviews, even the ones that went well, can make anyone less confident and doubt their skills. If you have tried to save an interview, but it still did not end on a high note try not to feel too bad. Think of what you can do better next time and continue your search.

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