Introverts Can Succeed in the Workplace

Introverts Can Succeed in the Workplace


Ways for introverts to succeed in the workplace

When you think of some of the most successful business leaders, some larger than life characters may come to mind. So, if you are more introverted in nature, how can you succeed in the workplace?

A career plan for an introvert might comprise two main aspects. Firstly, how can you try to become less introverted? Secondly, you need to recognise that leopards never totally change their spots, and that you will never transform yourself into a massive extrovert, so you need to look at the best ways you can make a positive impression.

Ways you can try to become less introverted include:?

  • Take some training courses on issues such as: improving self-confidence, developing a better telephone manner etc. Your company may already run courses of this nature, or may have links with external training providers
  • Maintain a straight posture, keep in eye contact with others during workplace discussions, and hold your head high
  • Find out as much as you can about your colleagues, and what they are interested in outside of work. Use any common interests as a starting point for a conversation. Accept any invitations to attend workplace social events, or even to have lunch with your colleagues


Ways you can make a positive impression despite your introverted nature include:

  • Offer yourself for some of the more studious work-related tasks, such as preparing reports, analysing data, conducting research etc. Ensure you display passion for the things you are good at, and that you enjoy
  • Think before speaking in a group discussion. You may not be the one doing all the talking, but if you carefully consider what you’re going to say, then one insightful comment from you can make a much better impression than the regular ill thought out contributions from some of your more loquacious colleagues
  • Whilst large-scale networking and ‘working the room’ at a busy corporate event may not be your forte, try to identify the few people it would be most beneficial to network with, and concentrate on developing meaningful business relationships with these carefully selected people

Remember also that not all successful business leaders have been extroverts – think of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett for example.

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